3 Days Of Peace and Music – Tickets – White Eagle Hall – Jersey City, NJ – August 2nd, 2019

3 Days Of Peace and Music
Presented by ALEOproductions and White Eagle Hall

3 Days Of Peace and Music

Ages 21+
For 3 days in August the music of the bands and artists in Jersey City will be celebrated in various venues including White Eagle Hall.

Summer, 2019, will mark the 50 year anniversary of the original Woodstock Celebration of Peace and Love, in 1969.

There was a sense of social harmony, which, with the quality of music, helped to make Woodstock 1969 one of the enduring events of the century.

It is with this spirit that ALEOproductions is taking 3 Days to celebrate the music of the bands and artists in Jersey City, in 3 different venues. PS Winebar, FM Lounge, and a finale at White Eagle Hall.

ALEO is a collective of quality musicians, audio/video artists, designers, listeners, etc, who have settled in the Hoboken/Jersey City area to hone and express their craft, both as individuals and as a community.

Our mission is to create musical platforms that bring joy to everyone involved.

The schedule for the days is as follows:


- 3 Days of Peace and Music -

a celebration of LOCAL MUSIC in the spirit of Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary

Wednesday, July 31

Day 1 - PetShop 9p

GR3 (30mins)

Dave Lockhart (30mins)

Ariel Guidry (30mins)

Jon Andrew (2 tunes)

Liam Brown (2 tunes)

James Calleo (2 tunes)

Rob Nicholas (2 tunes)

Groove on Grove

@ Grove PATH Plaza - 6p

Liam and the LBs (45mins @ 6p)

Rob Nicholas (45mins @ 7p)

Matt Scuteri & the Jive Stewards(45mins @ 8p)

Thursday, Aug 1

FM - 8p

Emily Turonis (45mins @ 8p)

Apus Opus (45mins @ 9p)

Debra Devi (45mins @ 10p)

JC Farmer’s Market

@ Grove PATH Plaza - 5p

Tiphanie Doucet (30mins)

Brendan Hartnett (30mins)

Viktor Digital (30mins)

Anna Oh (30mins)

Friday, Aug 2

Day 3 - WEH 8p

Sly and the M (35mins @ 915p)

Love Network (35mins @ 1030p)

The ALEOcollective performing music from the 1969 sets

Feel Good Fridays

@ Grove PATH Plaza - 4p

TCs (30mins)

Calleo Band (30mins)

BWQ (30mins)

Scott Wolfson and (30mins)

the Other Heroes

Venue Information:
White Eagle Hall
337 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ, 07302